Law Enforcement in Morgan County Helped by Farmer in Finding Crashed Airplane

Morgan County police rushing to locate a fallen plane received assistance from a local farmer to whom the property where the vessel crash-landed belongs.

The plane in question, The Cessna 210, plunged somewhere near Henefer, some three miles westward. Two men, pipeline company employees, died as a result of the incident, while on route to inspect a pipeline. They departed from Evanston on Tuesday, and none of them are originally from Utah.

The aforementioned helpful farmer’s name is Scott Rees. He owns a sizeable cattle ranch going by the name of Rees Bros. He claims that there are four pipelines passing through his estate. The ones these two flyers wanted to inspect, according to Rees, carry natural gases and petroleum. 

Given the enormous size of the property, Rees states that planes flying overhead were a commonplace sight. However, this particular Wednesday, his wife and he saw the airplane in question flying particularly low. He did not witness the crash though and carried on with his routine.

On the Day of the Discovery

The following day, the police alerted him that this aircraft may have ended up crashing somewhere on his ranch. After a hurried dash toward the supposed crash site, they came upon a mournful scene. The plane was in utter ruin, but its pieces weren’t strewn about the area to a high degree. Nevertheless, Rees immediately knew that nobody could have been in that vehicle and survived.

The authorities first caught wind of a possible accident when receiving a call from one of the crash victims’ relatives. The wife of one of them called, concerned that her husband had been absent for a while. Afterward, according to Sheriff Sgt. Craig Tillet, they checked with the company where the man was supposed to be.

Although he never knew them, Rees reported feeling very somber about the two men perishing. He said that it’s a sorry day for every family when a member of theirs dies. And now, two families are in mourning.

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