Guns Found

27 Guns Found in the Home of a Domestic Violence Perpetrator

Members of the police apprehended a man in South Jordan after finding 27 pieces of fire weapons in his home. The arrested man was not allowed to have in his possession any firearms while he was under investigation for possible domestic violence.

Santiago Maese is facing charges for 27 counts regarding both the possession of guns while under restriction and the violation of the protective order.

In late July, Maese was charged with two misdemeanors of the B type — one for the assault and the other for domestic violence, both while a child was present.

On August 29, Maese was issued a protective order which forbade him to buy, hold, or use any firearms while the other case is in progress.

The document states further that the beating was savage, and that the victim was rushed to the hospital to receive an emergency treatment. She was admitted completely unconscious. It was during the intervention that the officers noticed the weapons in Maese’s house, in plain sight.

It took a couple of days to issue a warrant to search the place. Upon receiving the document, the police returned and found shot-guns, handguns, and even two AR-15s. Maese had 27 guns in total at the time of the search.

State prosecutors filed an emergency request to rescind the pretrial release of the accused.

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